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Penny For Your Thoughts [Android]

v1.2.1 Prologue
Having served as a private investigator for numerous years, Penny is abruptly notified that her rule violations are excessive and she must cease her operations. Resolute in her pursuit to aid those requiring assistance, she devises an alternative method to keep her investigative work alive. However, as shadows from her history reemerge to challenge her, Penny is confronted with the daunting task of staving off overwhelming despair.

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Changelog (v1.2.1 Prologue)
With Penny’s game going back into development, we’ve decided to update the prologue to reflect the changes we’re implementing moving forward. We’re no longer going to feature Cassian as a main character so we’ve removed some content that was intended for that path. All the links have been updated to the new version of the Prologue.
Mostly I’ve just removed content from Penny for Your Thoughts and made some minor adjustments. But I’ve also added the first two scenes of Chapter 1 so there is about 10 minutes of new content. It’s very minor but if you’re a big fan of Penny, you might be interested.
This is an exciting new start for Penny’s game. The story is what I want to show you the most so we’re going to focus less on the sexual content and more on Penny’s journey. I’d like to dedicate the majority of my time to The Rose Garden trilogy so I’ll be investing roughly 30% of my time on Penny’s game.
As I grow as an artist and my financial situation improves, I’d like to hire at least one additional hand to help me with various tasks so I can concentrate on writing and rendering. I’m going to have an update shortly regarding alterations in my business model moving forward.
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