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The Promise [Android]

In this game, you step into the role of a middle-aged man who has made numerous promises to his family that he must now deliver on. It will require a great deal of effort and decision-making, choices that will not only impact your life but also those around you.

The game is developed using Ren'Py, with its visuals consisting of 3D renders and animations produced in DAZ Studio 3D. There is a distinct personal main story titled "The Promise," as well as a broader overarching narrative. Players have the autonomy to disregard the global narrative if they choose. A multitude of side stories and smaller events will unfold according to the player's decisions, which could lead to closing off certain paths or experiencing varied outcomes.

Unseen statistics play a role in triggering specific scenarios, and there are clear metrics, such as those representing the level of your wife's corruption. To unlock particular events and advance the storyline, you will need to manipulate the corruption levels and enhance your familial relationships.

Each character within the game has the potential for different endings, and the path you take is largely influenced by your actions. The narrative permits various possibilities, such as engaging in affairs, deceit, or nurturing a loving and faithful relationship with your wife. You have the opportunity to guide her towards being more receptive to new experiences among other things. However, each decision carries weight, and careless choices can lead to tumultuous consequences. The gameplay is a strategic mix of grinding along with timely decisions based on the narrative's unfolding situations.

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Changelog (v0.94)
[*]It seems the profession of fashion model does not suit Barbara. So she and Bob came up with a new idea. Maybe you can help them with that too? Bring some cash before you wait for them in the park. (Added the next scene for the alternate route for B&B. To trigger go on a Saturday night to your park bench and relax for a couple for hours)
[*]Trouble finding out which product is on high demand this month? Luckily there is always Lisa, who seems to be rather well informed about popular products, which can be helpful to make a deal with, or maybe…it will just cost you?
[*]The friendly Noëlle will come by to try out your new product. But we’re not sure she understands economic scarcity very well.
[*]The man in suit is always good to spend a few extra Novos on you, but where has he gone? And who is that woman in a dress?
[*]And then the mother and her daughter on their bikes, do they keep driving by or are you able to entice them to buy something from you?
[*]Whatever you decide to do, every choice you make will be remembered by the residents of Landing City when they visit the farm again. But you will find out for yourself in the fourth week of the month with your new product. (Added the next three weeks completing the month on the farm on Saturday (Go to the farm on Saturday to see these various new scenes)
[*]For those on the siblings side: Haley seems to have her own way of helping people push their limits. Who the siblings’ sister will help with that, depends on your previous choice. (Visit the Siblings starting at Nina’s house on Monday nights)
[*]For the Watcher: empathizing with the role of producer, she will give you subtle tips on how to achieve a better end result. You obviously remain the director of what happens on stage. (Added the next steps for Nina’s director part (You can try out several options until you get the end of this version message)
[*]For the Participator: …she will be in the middle of the action..and so will you..but the more options you’ll use, the more her sibling brother will be allowed with Nina as well..(Added the next step for the Participator)
[*]Added new music and sounds
[*]Improved some dialogues and scenes (Thanks to SDevil (Editor and Scene Writer))
[*]Fixed a script bug for Nina’s Watcher route by the siblings (Preventing you from reaching the next scene)
[*]Fixed some smaller bugs
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