Shale Hill Secrets Android

Shale Hill Secrets [Android]

Unlock the ability to delve into the clandestine aspects of people’s lives with the adult visual novel from Love-Joint. Dive deep into the enigmas of Shale Hill University. Untangle a web of conspiracy, experience romance, or wield your newfound power to entice your peers.

Embark on an immersive journey with 3D art in this adult-focused tale crafted by Love-Joint, where you are bestowed with a peculiar power that lays bare the concealed dimensions of humans. Engage with the underlying mysteries of Shale Hill University, expose a hidden plot, find love, or exploit your abilities to allure fellow students.

Your life takes an unexpected turn from the monotony of a tech support desk job at a minor college to the master of a digital surveillance realm after stumbling upon a strange app that grants access to the intimate details of classmates' lives. A mundane evening transitions into a surreal experience, granting you the reins of a digital watchdog.

Amidst the moral quandaries of exploiting potent hacking tools for personal gain, a greater narrative unfolds. Each acquaintance harbors secrets with potentially dire consequences. You stumble upon an ominous online forum where anonymous entities seek the services of a contract killer. Could this deception extend all the way to the top? The key to these revelations lies with you, as does the chance to protect your friends.

Embark on an adventure filled with mystery and the potential for romance or seduction in Shale Hill Secrets. Explore the first four episodes while we craft the full experience.

Discover the intricacies of Shale Hill as you interact with female characters shrouded in their own secrets. Forge bonds that could blossom into romance or play the field—your decisions sculpt your journey.

Experience the intrigue and intimate encounters yourself in Shale Hill Secrets. Watch our for a glimpse into the secrets and suspense waiting to unfold.

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Changelog (v0.16.2)
New monthly platinum bonus scene.
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