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Maidens Of Power [Android]

Having narrowly escaped a dangerous encounter between a truck and a young girl, you are suddenly immersed in the realm of the Maidens—young women endowed with extraordinary powers—and face the enigmatic peril known as the Darkness.

As the bearer of the mark, it falls upon you to assist the Maidens, harnessing their powers to combat this shadowy foe. Yet, you discover that your own abilities extend beyond the mundane; you possess the capacity to sway the will of these girls. This power commands obedience, ensuring the Maidens heed your directives. The choice looms before you: will you wield this influence for the greater good, or will you succumb to temptation and manipulate it to fulfill personal desires?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.8)
– Total v0.8 (4400+ Renders, 220+ Animations)
– Added new story chapter for Rena. (Another maiden shows her true powers~)
– Added a new special event for Hana. (The un-negotiable beach episode.)
– Added a new event for Misato. (Uh oh! The masochist is back!)
– Remastered the intro sequence for the 4th time. (Added more renders and backstory.)
– Main Story UI is now released – You can preview the chapters before playing.
– Some code work and various fixes.
Rating: 7.4/10
72 votes
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