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Seeds Of Chaos [Android]

v0.4.05 Dev
Embark on the tale of Rowan Blackwell, a valorous savior who once delivered his realm from the grip of a demonic overlord, only to now be compelled to execute the sinister orders from a fresh, malevolent force.

Plunge into the abyss as you accompany our protagonist on a descent into treachery and depravity. Are you capable of altering destiny and preserving your noble essence, or will you ultimately contribute to the collapse of all that you previously defended?

Wage war against destiny's grasp or succumb to the shadows – the decision rests in your hands.

Key Highlights

Immerse yourself in over 15 hours of engrossing gameplay and complex mechanics, ensuring that Seeds of Chaos will captivate you for an extended period.

Interactive Storytelling - Enjoy a narrative that branches in a way that makes each playthrough unique and fulfilling, complete with multiple outcomes!

Satisfy Secret Cravings - Surrender to temptation with more than 100 erotic encounters!

Fortify Your Stronghold - Engage in castle management and enhance your abode with a robust upgrade system!

Venture Through an Enchanted Realm - Discover a world brimming with secrets and surprises on a detailed map!

Embrace the Villain Within - Take on the role of a once-heroic champion who morphs into a nefarious villain.

Delight Your Senses - Immerse yourself in an entirely original soundtrack by Leet Music, renowned for their contributions to Winter Wolves' titles.

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Changelog (v0.4.05 Dev)
Rating: 9.1/10
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  1. August 2, 2022 at 11:28 am

    Anon here, can’t fathom how anyone would enjoy this NTR trash. You’ve got your hero turning villain and betraying everything they once stood for—absolute rubbish. This isn’t just a fall from grace; it’s a subway ride straight to degeneracy. Every time I see a “hero” get cucked by dark forces, a part of my soul dies. Why invest in a character just to watch them crumble and their relationships get trashed? Any game that thrives on this kind of betrayal plot is a hard pass for me. What’s the appeal in seeing good guys getting screwed over in every way possible? If I wanted despair and frustration, I’d go read the news, not play a game. Stick to the demon-slaying and spare us the heartbreak

  2. April 17, 2022 at 4:00 pm

    Every time I see one of these meronic MCs who can’t stand firm, it’s like the devs are personally insulting my intelligence! A little corruption and betrayal and poof, there goes their heroic spirit. Garbage!