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Attack On Survey Corps [Android]

"Attack on Survey Corps" is a visual novel game based on a universe paralleling the iconic series, "Attack on Titan." In this adaptation, the central characters—a brother and his sister named Elsa—are forced to escape their hometown, Shiganshina, amidst the destruction caused by the formidable Colossal and Armored Titans. Tragically separated from their mother during the chaos, her ultimate destiny remains a mystery.

In the aftermath, the siblings resolve to enlist in the Cadet Corps, burning with the desire for vengeance against the Titans. Yet, upon joining, the main character discovers that many attractive young women are also part of the Cadet Corps, leading him to pursue additional aspirations beyond just combating the titanic foes.

The narrative of this visual novel unfolds in alignment with the plot of the original anime/manga series, presenting a fresh and titillating twist on the classic storyline. Players will have the chance to engage with the beloved tale from an alternative standpoint, replete with intriguing modifications!

It is important to note that this game is a fan-based spoof and is not affiliated with Hajime Isayama's authentic work. Supporters of the franchise are encouraged to continue backing the official content, especially as the highly anticipated final season of the anime approaches.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.15.3)
* Bug fixes
* Added a Lovense support. Now every H-scene is connected to Lovense tools, should you have them
* A continuation of Christa’s branch
* A quest for Mina that continues her story
* Fixes/edits to the night watch system. Fixes to the game engine, most of the bugs/errors that were seen in 0.15.1 should be fixed now
* A new quest for Mikasa
* A night watch system with Mikasa that includes over 12+ H-scenes with her

* A quest with Sasha where you wake her up in the morning. Click on Christa in the camp in the morning.
* A quest with Christa, where we sleep with her.
* A quest with Elsa that continues her story a little.
* A quest with Ymir, that continues her story
* A night watch system. You’ll be introduced to it by playing Ymir’s branch.
To keep going to the night watches, click on the poster at the wall in the camp and choose the girl you want to go there with (currently, only Ymir is available)
* A small mini-game where we train on how to cut Titan’s necks. The mini-game is tied to the night watch system, as it gives you more AP that you spend on interacting with the girls.
* A blackjack mini-game, that you get to play during the night watch events. Both Ymir/Mikasa will have this game. (Ymir already does).
Rating: 8.6/10
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