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Cockham Superheroes [Android]

You take on the role of a robust, young superhero with exceptional attributes who has recently become a member of the Cockham League of Justice. In this role, you will tackle the challenge of combating sexual crimes within a city rife with deviance. The question is, will you harness your prodigious abilities to apprehend infamous Super-Villains, or will you succumb to the allure of villainy and transform into a Super-Villain? The choice is yours.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.6)
– 2 new gym scenes with She-Hulk available, visit her to trigger (FMG).
– SEX scene with the Black Widow and Natalya in her room at night (THREESOME). Allows for the BW to join harem.
– TWO new SEX cenes with Wonder Woman in her room at night. One repeatable, allows for her to join harem. (TITFUCK, ANAL)
– New Harem Girls screen and Agent Natalya added to dossier (available from Stats screen).
– All v05 upwards slow vids redone to 60fps.
Rating: 9.4/10
86 votes
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