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Rosewater Manor [Android]

As a detective assigned to a perplexing case of missing girls who seemed to evaporate into thin air, you find yourself at the helm when the investigation runs cold and lands in your lap. Trusting your intuition, you chase down a promising clue that leads you to the enigmatic Rosewater Manor. Despite an initially tumultuous interaction with the striking blonde inhabitant, Lucy Hale, your search within the manor reveals most of the missing girls. Yet, their presence comes with an odd revelation—they are convinced they are witches pursued by a demon who seeks to harness their powers for his own dark purposes. One girl even suggests their magic is rejuvenated through erotic energy.

As inexplicable occurrences convince you of the supernatural threat, you realize you're all ensnared by an invisible perimeter surrounding the manor, trapping you inside. Although you're momentarily out of immediate danger, your sense of security is fleeting. Things swiftly spiral into an even more bizarre chapter of the case, leaving you to untangle the truth.

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