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Ben X Slave Quest [Android]

We're reimagining a trainer game inspired by the Ben 10 universe, where Albedo, the series' antihero, takes center stage.

Following the storyline of an episode, Albedo faces betrayal from the notorious space villain Vilgax after acquiring the power of Ben Tennyson's Omnitrix. With the help of his Ultimatrix, Albedo turns into the formidable Ultimate Humongosaur and battles through an army of alien henchmen. Unlike the original show where he is captured, our game takes a twist - just as defeat seems imminent, Albedo becomes Alien X and narrowly escapes to an interdimensional limbo.

There, he encounters the omnipotent entities Bellicus and Serena who reveal an impending catastrophe threatening the entirety of the Multiverse. To avert disaster, Albedo must impersonate Ben and win over those in Ben's inner circle, convincing them he is the true hero they know.

Key to his mission are several pivotal characters: Gwen, Ben's cousin, Rook Shar the Plumber apprentice, the unpredictable Charmcaster, and another Gwen from an alternate reality. Through their support, Albedo will either be the linchpin in saving the universe or the master of its conquest.

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  1. July 3, 2022 at 4:18 am

    degenerates in Area 51 couldn’t have come up with a better fanfic. stay classy, internet