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Randel Tales [Android]

Four centuries prior, the malignant Demon King and his formidable legions besieged the United Kingdom of Astylla. A decade and a half back, the tyrant met his demise, but his forces remain unyielding, and the conflict continues unabated. Enter a young man of 19, once an orphan at the tender age of 4, who found a surrogate family with a kindly merchant in the town of Randel. Now, embarking on a new chapter of his life, he has started his education at the Academy and has embraced the life of an adventurer that he had always envisioned.

However, the life that lies before our hero entails more than mere adventure. He is set to encounter a diverse range of captivating women, poised to be swept off their feet by his youthful charm and perhaps not-so-staggering physique. From elegant elves to steadfast dwarves, from a tender-hearted childhood companion to fiery redheads, from lascivious guards to virtuous town maidens, Randel Tales is a world brimming with possibilities—a world where one might rise to the pinnacle of heroism…or descend into the depths of infamy.

- Randel Tales

Project QT
Changelog (v1.6.2)
-Added markers to show which ending of Gabe’s route you’ve achieved and how many are there left.
-Fixed Gallery bug. -Fixed overflowing text on the history book.
-Fixed accidental double option to cheat from Gabe’s paper.
-Fixed being able to go on a trip with Gabe at any time of the day.
-Added a line in-game about Twig’s route coming in Version 1.7
-Added one track in the introduction.
-Fixed cynthquest not being defined.
-Fixed possible bug with the new Triss event.
-Fixed name being asked twice.
-Fixed zenSlave not being defined.
-Fixed missing ut2 image.
-Fixed bug with butterfly minigame.
-Fixed surpriseblushe sprite.
-Updated the credits.
-Added some new CG to Gabe’s route as well as 3 new tracks!
-Added a new event with Triss!
-Added a new h-scene with Thea!
-Added a line to show that max stealth level has been reached to those who have decided to not molest Thea anymore.
-Added missing academy ambient during the introduction.
-Added typewriter sound effect. Might expand this in the future to give characters “voices”.
-Added a piece of text explaining that Twig cannot be saved yet.
-Added a few more easter eggs as responses depending on what name you input when the gang asks you who sent you.
-Added tips to the Elf Village event if Easy Mode is enabled.
-Added two even harder difficulties once you’ve attempted to catch more than 150 blood butterflies. I’ll put in the game the name of the first person who can send me video evidence they caught 300 butterflies.
-Changed the names of the options in the different areas to be more concise.
-Changed some lines regarding Karnak to show that Karnak is allowed to be a hellhole because Astylla likes money.
-Changed the name inputting section to be less invasive.
-Fixed Lori’s infinite study loop.
-Fixed Nessa not actually giving you the 200 gold.
-Fixed leftover from old trait system in Cynthia’s route.
-Fixed bug during the last even of Cynthia-Thea’s route
-Fixed mislabeled line after killing Zenelith where Gabe would appear to be talking instead of Evelyn.
-Fixed Lelluk quest not giving XP.
-Fixed missing BG after turning Lori down.
-Fixed “Help with Thea” option appearing even if the player decides not to be a creep.
-Fixed another bug with Lori’s events.
-Fixed not being able to study after turning Lori down.
-Fixed dialogue during Taliya’s second h-scene being inconsistent with what’s being shown.
-Fixed some lines about being Bronze-Rank not appearing while talking to Gabe if the player is precisely level 10.
-Fixed most Lori dialogues when studying not appearing.
-Fixed the ability to trigger the picnic event immediately after being asked out.
-Fixed being able to have dinner with Thea having peeped on her.
-Fixed still flirting with Lori even after turning her down when talking to her and selecting “Nothing”.
-Fixed missing MC sprite.
-Fixed missing Sander’s sprite.
-Fixed possible softlock if the player doesn’t complete Evelyn’s first quest before reaching level 10.
-Fixed the misplaced black eye sprite (I don’t know how it took this long to move it and resize it slightly)
-Fixed some dialogue lines to improve consistency with the plot and the world (porn game? what’s that?)
-Fixed some grammar, typos, and inconsistent style choices.
-Triss is now Scottish.
-Rebalanced stat leveling.
-Removed the word “sensei”, opted instead for “master”.
-Removed the unfinished second part of the History Book.
-Reworked Gabe’s route! There are now 5 different endings obtainable through 8 different paths!
-Reworked multiple CGs! The reworked CGs include: the falcons, the Lelluk, and the treasure scene.
-Reworked Cynthia’s and Milly’s sprites.
Rating: 8.7/10
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