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Randel Tales [Android]

Four centuries prior, the malignant Demon King and his formidable legions besieged the United Kingdom of Astylla. A decade and a half back, the tyrant met his demise, but his forces remain unyielding, and the conflict continues unabated. Enter a young man of 19, once an orphan at the tender age of 4, who found a surrogate family with a kindly merchant in the town of Randel. Now, embarking on a new chapter of his life, he has started his education at the Academy and has embraced the life of an adventurer that he had always envisioned.

However, the life that lies before our hero entails more than mere adventure. He is set to encounter a diverse range of captivating women, poised to be swept off their feet by his youthful charm and perhaps not-so-staggering physique. From elegant elves to steadfast dwarves, from a tender-hearted childhood companion to fiery redheads, from lascivious guards to virtuous town maidens, Randel Tales is a world brimming with possibilities—a world where one might rise to the pinnacle of heroism…or descend into the depths of infamy.

- Randel Tales

Project QT
Changelog (v1.5.7)
-Fixed bug with the Elf Graveyard.
-Fixed bug with asking Gabe about Lori.
-Fixed bug with the Goblin quest not starting.
Rating: 8.7/10
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