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Dawn Chorus [Android]

"Dawn Chorus presents an endearing and upbeat romance experience wrapped within a furry visual novel, unfolding non-linearly amidst Norway's picturesque landscapes.
Embarking on an international educational journey symbolizes not only a significant life milestone but also an opportunity to start afresh. Yet, escaping one's history is easier said than done. Two months have elapsed since the academic year's onset, and now you stand on the cusp of participating in a science camp nestled within a secluded guesthouse beyond the Arctic Circle. Coincidentally, an old pal from your native town is also attending. Faced with your bygone days, will you choose to confront and accept them, or will you strive for a new direction? Are you destined to forge new bonds with your companions at the camp? And might one of these friendships evolve into a deeper, romantic connection?"

Project QT
Changelog (v0.38.4)
Hi folks!
I’m coming back to you with a new update for Devon’s route. It continues the story from where we stopped the last Devon update – at a tough choice for Arvo that might influence the way he approaches the panther.
There are 4 new illustrations by Deffie included in the update, along with a new instant photo with Devon and a lot of minor tweaks and fixes for the sprites as well.
Rating: 6.7/10
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