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Bonds Of Love [Android]

"Bonds of Love is an interactive adult visual novel that immerses players in the life of a character who cohabitates with three women during their school years. As you navigate this domestic dynamic, you encounter numerous other characters, and the nature of your relationship with each is yours to shape. You may maintain a standard arrangement with your landlady or opt for more intimate connections.

Every decision in this game is meaningful, yet there's flexibility to alter your approach as you progress. If you initially push a character away but decide to engage kindly later on, the game's narrative will adapt to reflect these shifts. Although there aren't an overwhelming number of story branches to explore, your choices will significantly impact the storyline without funneling you into a rigid 'game over' scenario for certain decisions.

While an Android version is available, it is not the primary focus, and as such, it may lack full optimization and support.


- A primarily visual novel experience with some open-choice elements, offering a balanced, user-friendly approach to character interactions
- Romance and interaction with 9 distinct and originally designed female characters
- Consequential choices that shape the game without restricting you to a single predetermined route
- A more intense narrative for those seeking a hardcore experience
- A streamlined quest system with logs and indicators, ensuring efficient navigation
- A smartphone in-game feature that opens up additional character interactions
- Side events that complement and flesh out the main story
- A rich array of content, featuring over 1700 images and more than 60 animations as of version 1.2


- Planned inclusions of sexual themes such as anal play, lesbian encounters, and group activities."

Project QT
Changelog (v1.6)
Added one new part to Stressed Out
Added one new part to Relaxing Massage
Added one new part to Secret Job
Added one new part to Bonding Swim
Added one new part to Sex Ed
Added one new part to Struggling Student
Added one new part to After Hours
Added one new part to Problem Child
Added one new part to Lonely Woman
Added two new parts to Best Teacher Ever
Added one new part to Handyman
Added one new part to Yoga Challenge
Added two new parts to Three’s Company/Three’s a Crowd
Added one new part to Teen Crush
Added one new ‘Main’ part
Added four new mini-events
Rating: 8.1/10
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