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Peerless Lust [Android]

You assume the role of a Supreme Demon Lord of Lust, a formidable entity who, after being vanquished and confined for millennia, has at long last broken free from his prison. However, a twist of fate leads to unforeseen complications, resulting in his spirit being thrust into an alternate realm, where he inhabits the frail vessel of a human.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.33)
New events in the Strip Club!
You can now fully claim Shuya as your girl and change her lineage into our MC
Even with our Familiar visiting the Strip Club, proceed to the first meeting with Caroline!
A new mechanic that lets you change into our familiar perspective more often and outside of the Academy (Unlocked after the event above~)
You can visit Caroline’s photo studio as our Familiar, and have a first test photo session!
GirlsUI updated
New event in the school’s staff room with Sinylene (Light Femdom, skippable)
2 New events with Savi – visit her.
New event with Kati, Bei, and Bai – Visit Kati after conquering Bei and Bai.
You can now ask Bei and Bai for a foot job.
New event with Filaere and Eris – visit Eris in the Sprots’s ground in the evening.
New event with Lisa and Pauli – visit the hospital.
Some small changes here and there
Rating: 9.2/10
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