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New Earth [Android]

By 2121, traveling between the stars is a regular occurrence. A lucky group of students have just won an interstellar trip to the Kepler-452 star system. However, as they are about to set course for Earth, they receive devastating news: Earth has been obliterated by an unforeseen and catastrophic volcanic event. With no home to return to, the students are forced to make an emergency landing on Kepler-452b, a planet confirmed to support human life.

As the appointed leader, the weight of guiding the survivors falls onto your shoulders. You must assist them in adapting to their new environment and foster a community that will give rise to future generations on this New Earth.

Please note that this narrative is devoid of any fantastical elements such as tentacles, aliens, or monsters.

Your leadership style and decisions will lead to one of several distinct conclusions:

- If you choose to oppress the others and establish a dominion where you claim all female companions for yourself, while subjugating the other men, you will institute a despotic regime.
- Opting for a fair and equal society where relationships and procreation are consensual and democratic will lead to a harmonious community where everyone has the opportunity for partnership.
- Should you lose your position of command to another, the new leadership may spell chaos and calamity for the settlement, particularly detrimental to your own wellbeing and influence in this new society.

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