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Mother’s Devotion [Android]


Step into the captivating and unpredictable realm of Clarissa, a fierce, self-reliant woman embarking on a new chapter of life after ending her marriage with a toxic ex-spouse. As a mother of three, she's tackling the intricate dance of budgeting, parenting, and rediscovering her autonomy and personal liberation.
Witness her triumphs and tribulations as she maneuvers through the twists and turns of her rejuvenated existence. Embark on Clarissa's adventure as she strides towards a hopeful tomorrow — a narrative you surely don't want to bypass.

Mother’s Devotion Gameplay!

Immerse yourself in a tantalizing visual novel portraying Clarissa, a recently single mother navigating the intricate maze of dating and relational dynamics. Steer her life towards newfound freedom or concentrate on her progenies and the path ahead. 'Mother’s Devotion' offers a rich narrative seasoned with humor and sultry interludes.

Anticipate future updates that will broaden the spectrum of player options and enrich your gaming experience. This title promises to entice you to return time and again.


Early Access!

Seize the game within the initial 7-day window for a special price of €5. Post this period, the game will unlock without cost for all enthusiasts.

For those craving exclusive privileges, subscribing or becoming a patron bestows complimentary early access, enabling you to delve into the game five days prior to its official release.

So, take the leap — join Clarissa's unfolding tale today and let your decisions shape your experience!


 About The Developer!

Prepare for a thrilling and engaging journey into adult gaming with Fluffysan_Sensei's creations! As a dedicated developer, I invest the necessary time and energy to guarantee each game meets a standard of excellence. With a diverse range on offer, there's sure to be something that piques every player's interest.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.12)
Game Statistics:

Total Words: 10,468
Lines of Code: 13,535
Unique Images and Icons: 1,371 (including Fluffy Edition)
Full HD Animations: 39 (including Fluffy Edition)

New Features and Content:

Functioning Gallery: Both the public version and the Fluffy Edition now have fully operational galleries.
Playable Jobs: Two jobs are now available for players in both versions.
Functioning Walkthrough: Get help whenever you need it with the comprehensive walkthrough available in both versions. Never miss a detail or a quest step!
Wardrobe Feature: Exclusive to the Fluffy Edition,  Dress up and more importantly Dress down!!
Multiple Quests: Embark on various quests filled with rich content and storytelling. Each quest adds layers of depth and excitement to the game.
Functioning Tutorial and Full Intro: New players can enjoy a full tutorial and introduction to the game. For returning players or those eager to jump back in, there’s an option to skip it and get straight to the action.
Rating: 6.4/10
174 votes
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