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Naughty Lyanna [Android]

SEASON 2 v0.19
"Naughty Lyanna" is a narrative-driven visual novel following the experiences of its titular character Lyanna, a striking young woman attempting to navigate typical life routines. Currently residing with her brother and their father, Lyanna faces new challenges following a recent relocation. Although she aspires to follow in her father's footsteps and become a renowned journalist, Lyanna frequently finds herself embroiled in mishaps. Remarkably, she has a tendency to end up unclothed during her escapades, which could be a matter of sheer misfortune or perhaps a secret penchant for exhibition.

As the story unfolds, Lyanna will encounter a host of new characters and partake in novel experiences. She will explore romantic interests, uncover unique preferences, and set out on daring quests. Witness the unfolding of Lyanna's journey and participate in shaping her path through the choices you make.

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Changelog (SEASON 2 v0.19)
Season 2 v0.19

1.073 new renders (17.710 on Season 2 already);
5 new animations (153 on Season 2 already);
Rating: 8.4/10
737 votes
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