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Clara’s Love Hotel [Android]

Clara oversees the operations at the Love Hotel, an upmarket establishment that specializes in adult entertainment and caters to an exclusive clientele with particular inclinations. Her business acumen is sharp when it comes to scouting and enticing adolescents eager to explore their burgeoning sexuality, drawing them into a clandestine realm where carnal desires meet financial transaction. Dive into the escapades of Clara and her team as they navigate a path filled with sensual discoveries, thrilling encounters, and affluent patrons seeking to indulge in the establishment's most titillating offerings - a slice of paradise reserved solely for those who can foot the bill.

"Clara's Love Hotel" is an adult digital game that unfolds a tapestry of provocative encounters, offering players an array of steamy interactions involving Clara and her companions. The gameplay places a significant emphasis on adult content, steering away from complex narratives to prioritize a more visceral and graphic experience.

- Players can opt for a ‘lesbian-only’ gameplay mode right from the onset or adjust their preferences later.
- The game is enhanced by a dynamic auditory backdrop including music and realistic sound effects to fully immerse players in the experience, along with a gallery feature to revisit favorite moments.
- A ‘Special Edition’ of the game, with added scenes and an exclusive bonus image gallery, is accessible for supporters on platforms such as SubscribeStar, Fanbox, and
- The Android version incorporates intuitive gestures for streamlined gameplay (up for menu access, down to conceal the text box, right to fast forward, and left to reverse).

Please note that this game is designed for adult audiences and contains explicit content.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.0 Special Edition)
Special Edition

238 renders, 42 animations, and 126 bonus images (these additional scenes are throughout the game or available via the gallery).
Rating: 7.6/10
328 votes
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