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Follow the Leader [Android]

In a realm dominated by powerful men known as barons, you reside at the bottom of the social hierarchy. Your birthright was servitude, the result of your mother being absorbed into a baron’s harem. She brought you into his domain where you were raised as a servant, a mere afterthought following her forced sale. Over time, your mother grew weary of the baron's harsh treatment and fled, leaving you to endure the hardships alone. Despite these challenges, you persevered and by the age of 25, managed to accrue enough favor to purchase your liberation.

However, fate had a cruel twist in store when you intervened as the baron tried to coerce his genetically engineered harem – a trio of impeccable women – into submission. In a defiant stand, you sacrificed your hard-won chance at freedom, which led to your imprisonment and a scheduled execution. In a twist of solidarity and gratitude, these three cloned women orchestrate a daring escape for all of you.

Now, as fugitives bound by a common adversary, you must decide on the path forward. Freedom stretches before you, laden with uncertainty. Where will refuge be sought? How will you navigate this altered existence? The future, while daunting, is a canvas upon which you and your unlikely allies must now paint your destinies.

Project QT
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