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My Early Life [Android]

Ep. 6
This narrative unfolds during Bob's formative years. Tragedy strikes when his father and the father's new partner are lost in a fatal accident, leaving Bob and his step-siblings – the three beautiful daughters of his father's girlfriend – suddenly orphaned. In the wake of this loss, they find themselves in a recently purchased, lavish home, but with scarce financial resources.

The tight-knit group decides to stand by one another, though funds are limited. An opportunity arises for Bob to make some money, and so he embarks on his fifth escapade alongside his attractive step-sisters.

Please note the following before commencing the game:
If your preference is to simply browse through images and you dislike repetitive gameplay, this game might not suit your tastes.

To minimize monotonous play, pay close attention to the dialogue and adhere strictly to the game's rules.

This game is designed with numerous challenges in mind, so please invest the necessary time to engage with it as intended for the full experience.

Project QT
Changelog (Ep. 6)
This is by far the largest update I ever have made. More than 2500 new high resolution images are implemented in this update.
More than 400 new subevents are added to this update.
Rating: 7.1/10
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