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MMA Life Simulator [Android]

My father was my hero, a warrior in the ring whom I looked upon with utmost admiration. However, fate dealt a cruel blow during a match with a competitor named Sagot, who inflicted grievous harm upon him. In the aftermath of the defeat, my father disappeared. Driven by a mix of yearning for retribution and a quest to uncover what became of him, I dedicated myself to the tutelage of the MMA legend Master B. Lee. Over the course of ten years, I have meticulously refined my abilities and forged a distinctive style of combat. Now, at the age of 20, my proficiency in martial arts is a testament to my commitment. The fire within me to confront Sagot burns fiercely, despite my limited knowledge of him—only that he is a formidable and merciless fighter within the confines of the cage, and that he has a daughter named Maria.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.1.4)
added quest log system
all available quests info can be read there
added more favors for nisha
improved dialogues of npcs by adding short dialogues when repeated
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