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House Chores [Android]

v0.17.2 Beta
'House Chores' is an interactive visual novel that follows the journey of a young man during his summer break. Challenges emerge when his perception of someone he knows intimately transforms unexpectedly. The summer's complexity escalates when two surprise visitors intrude, adding to the already tangled situation.

Will you achieve great success over your summer holiday? Or will the onset of the new school term find you with nothing to show for it?

Project QT
Changelog (v0.17.2 Beta)
-Small bug fixes with 0.17.1 content
== Beta 0.17.1 Changelog ==
-Added option to change location of Julie and Linda at night after completing their duo story
-Every night, their location is randomized but can be changed
-When they’re separate, Julie will have an option to meet up with Linda
-Added new dialogue for Pool Makeout scene during repeat
-Other small bug fixes
Rating: 9.3/10
141 votes
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