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House Chores [Android]

v0.15.1 BETA
'House Chores' is an interactive visual novel that follows the journey of a young man during his summer break. Challenges emerge when his perception of someone he knows intimately transforms unexpectedly. The summer's complexity escalates when two surprise visitors intrude, adding to the already tangled situation.

Will you achieve great success over your summer holiday? Or will the onset of the new school term find you with nothing to show for it?

Project QT
Changelog (v0.15.1 Beta)
Fixed bug where you could access new Linda on-screen scenes slightly earlier than intended
New Scenes:
Linda Bath Sex
Linda Chair Sex (+Kissing Variation)
Linda Bed Sex (Ride/Mating Press Variations)
v0.15 Beta
The ‘close-call’ updates continue now featuring Linda as she tries to hide her romantic relationship with the main character
from the house!
However, Julie just so happens to always be nearby. Surely she’s not catching on, right?!
The new content in this update continues directly off of Linda’s storyline. After completing the recent events in her casual
outfit, you will need to make sure she’s dressed back in her regular outfit and continue talking to her! The new events
should continue automatically.
Additionally, after reaching a certain point in the new story events, Linda will become increasingly horny and new activities
will unlock. These new activities feature a few different variations so be sure to experiment and see just how far your
endurance can last!
Rating: 9.3/10
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