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Milfy Day [Android]

"Milfy Day" is an interactive visual novel where you step into the shoes of a young man settling into a new locale. Your character takes up residence with a pair of alluring, mature women and their relatives. Facing a tumultuous period within your own family, you're tasked with revitalizing familial bonds while fostering connections with other townsfolk, lending them a hand, and unraveling the mysteries enveloping the town. As you navigate these challenges, your ultimate goals are to complete your education with flying colors and secure a date for the quintessential high school milestone—the prom.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.7.7)
– New Sofia content.
– New Syndra content.
– New Sruthi content.
– Melissa remake content(Melissa’s Reward, Business Party)
– Gallery update.
– UI tweaks.
– New dialogues after Mayoral Election.
– Text correction.
– Some renders fixes.
– New portraits and remakes.
– Music Adjustment.
– Fix a Fiona story flow issue.
– Bug fixes.
Rating: 9.7/10
89 votes
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