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The Higher Society Illustrated [Android]

Embark on a narrative journey where you embody the perspective of a stepfather, entwined in the intricate tapestry of Angelina's life as she, alongside you, become initiates into The Higher Society (THS). You, a revered figure in the Hollywood film industry, are presented with a rare invitation to mingle with the elite within THS, a clandestine assembly composed of the most influential denizens in Los Angeles. This guild, shrouded in secrecy, adheres to archetypal gender roles and enforces a rigid social ladder. The indulgent world of affluence, authority, and captivating women may beckon enticingly, yet the quandary arises: Is it possible to balance such an intoxicating existence with the responsibilities of being a devoted spouse and parent? The bond with your stepdaughter is strained as she gravitates towards both the allure of THS and the complex relationship with you, her stepfather, leaving you to navigate the precarious boundaries of family and power.

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Changelog (v0.20)
This update includes day 42 and 43.
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