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Magical Gene [Android]

v1.4.0 P1
The narrative of the game unfolds around a young boy graced with remarkable powers, abducted at birth by a doctor. As he reaches 16, his quest for his biological parents begins, leading him to forge connections with various city dwellers and awakening him to his supernatural talents. The game introduces players to an enthralling storyline, culminating in a final encounter with a mysterious entity that leaves you pondering numerous questions. Within this virtual realm, you are in pursuit of the truth. You're driven to uncover the origins of your powers and the reason behind them. Are there others who share these unique abilities? Do these powers stem from inspiration, a pure heart, or is there a deeper secret? What became of your parents? And perhaps most crucially, the quest leads you to confront the fundamental question: Who are you?

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.4.0 P1)

29 (2 new) sexy scenes and high-quality animations (video)
22 (1 new+ 4 changed) sexy characters
The beginning of the amazing story of the great event
The stories of the art class
The story of Rose
The story of Kate and Bob
The story of Police and the murder case (+New)
The story of sport class
The story of Lara

Reworked items:

4character (MC, Johney, Emma, Kinsey) reworked
Part of the artwork has reworked and changed.
The details of the story and sentences were corrected and reworked.
Menus reworked

Added items:

2 sex animations+1 sexy scene have added (1 for Sara & 1 for Unknown).
1 new face and haircut model for MC
1 cool new characters
A cellphobe
1 new power
2 New Locations

Bug fixes:

No bug reported
Rating: 7.2/10
231 votes
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