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Lyndaria [Android]

Lyndaria is an enchanting isle, invisible on any charted atlas, a veritable paradise on Earth. It boasts untouched wilderness, breathtaking beauty, soft waves caressing its sandy shores, and a warm sun that shines throughout the year. Until the intrepid Adam Grant stumbled upon it, no human had trespassed on its secluded serenity.

However, Lyndaria was fated to remain an enigma to the outside world, for after its discovery, the valiant explorer vanished without a trace. A decade later, driven by determination and the legacy of her father's adventurous spirit, Grant's daughter, Maya, made her way to the elusive island.

Resolved to unravel the mystery of her father's fate, Maya is undeterred by the perils that await her. She is ready to brave the perilous jungles, face the hostility of the indigenous tribes, and stand against the wrathful spirits and an age-old curse that looms over Lyndaria. Her quest is unshakable.

Project QT
Changelog (Ep.5.0)
-Continuation of the main plot
-3 new animated scenes
-1 new location
-new sounds
-Bugfix of old episodes
Rating: 4.7/10
26 votes
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