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Loanshock [Android]

v0.2.15 DEMO
LOANSHOCK presents an immersive and interactive visual novel experience, with an intricate storytelling structure, set against the backdrop of a dystopian future in Southeast Asia where the existence of "monsters" has been seamlessly integrated into society. This game stands out for its peculiar atmosphere, vibes, and unique charm.

Players step into the shoes of Fae, a 22-year-old university student who has landed a job in the countryside as part of her academic curriculum. Her employment is at a mysterious loan office in a little-known part of town, which she has obtained through a long-lost family member.

Shortly after her arrival, Fae's life takes a surreal turn as she realizes that the town is far from ordinary, resembling worlds she's previously only encountered in stories. She meets a variety of extraordinary customers, each with their own odd features such as possessing a singular eye or a bisected body.

What secrets does this peculiar town hold?

Project QT
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