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City Of Dreams [Android]

Join a small-town girl on her exhilarating journey to the bustling metropolis, where she embarks on a quest to fulfill her aspirations of shining on the stage. Meet Claire, a girl with the simplicity of rural life pulsing through her veins and an unwavering passion for the dramatic arts. She has always enlivened audiences with her talents, yet until now, opportunity and self-belief have eluded her grasp.

Compelled by her ambitions, Claire takes a leap of faith, venturing into the urban jungle, lured by the promise of bright lights and boundless possibilities. However, she quickly realizes that the city's allure is not without its shadows. As she navigates this new world rife with heartache, fierce competition, and guile, Claire must find her footing.

The harrowing dance between personal aspirations and reality's harsh steps will test her resolve. Financial burdens weigh heavy, and the delicate act of balancing work, relationships, and dreams will stretch her to the limits. The city is a crucible of new friendships and adversaries, of kindred spirits and potential foes, where romance can blossom in the most unexpected places and animosity lurks around every corner.

Claire learns that the pursuit of acting is a dual-edged sword—an intoxicating dream that carries with it daunting challenges. Questions loom large: Can Claire make her mark as an actress? Is the city a place where happiness and romance can truly be found? Will she surmount the daunting obstacles that throw her for a loop? Or might she be swept away by the seductive yet perilous undertow of metropolitan life?

Immerse yourself in Claire's poignant and thrilling escapades in the city as she chases the spotlight. "City of Dreams" is a visual novel that tugs at your emotions, coaxing laughter and tears while you root for Claire amidst her compelling tale of aspiration, love, intimacy, and life's myriad ups and downs. For those drawn to narratives steeped in dreams, heartfelt connections, and the essence of existence, this game is a journey you'll cherish.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.2)
– New game interface.
– New gallery.
– 24 new backgrounds.
– 33 image sequences (nsfw).
– 7 new backgrounds for activities.
– 2 new outfits.
– Added Cosplay of Lara (1 outfit 3 poses 4 backgrounds).
– + 80 assets for new UI elements and other stuff.
– 7 new supporter characters.
– 12 new music and sounds.
– More than 22 000 new words(Code and story)
Rating: 6.8/10
54 votes
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