Lisa [Android]

In the game, you assume the role of Lisa, a reserved college senior preparing for graduation. Having recently relocated to a new city, Lisa finds her uneventful existence upended by a chance meeting with the heir of a notorious local crime family.

Your task is now to navigate Lisa's life.

Take the reins to steer Lisa through the last stretch of her college tenure and beyond, making decisions that will shape her destiny. Forge connections or break them off. The direction of her life is in your hands.

Academic Credit System

Lisa needs to accumulate academic credits to graduate. These credits can be obtained by working part-time jobs at local establishments, with a variety of compulsory positions to choose from. These include Theo’s Bar, Albiss Advertising Company, Hotel Brava, Neon Nightclub, Moddy’s Mod Shop, and even roles within the Student Council at Lisa's college. Your choices in these jobs influence the development of the city of Renshire. This mechanic is central to the early gameplay.

Deviancy Stat

A key stat in the game is Deviancy. Lisa can increase her Deviancy level by engaging in, you guessed it, deviant behavior. However, a low Deviancy score may lead Lisa to hesitate before undertaking bolder actions. Deviancy's maximum level is determined by the second important stat: Confidence.

Confidence Stat

Despite Lisa's reserved nature, she has room to grow. Confidence is gained through pivotal story events, which are generally unlocked by achieving specific tasks or jobs and having a sufficient Deviancy score. Progressing through these events may present more significant decisions that have a profound impact on Lisa's future. Gaining more confidence not only enables higher Deviancy levels but also unlocks additional attire.

Fitness Stat

The Fitness stat reflects Lisa's physical condition. It's entirely optional and leads to alternative paths in the game. Fitness can be improved by activities such as jogging, yoga, and gym sessions. Moreover, a higher fitness level may unlock special outfits and secret events with familiar characters. Once acquired, Fitness, like the other stats, cannot be diminished.

Additional Features

Instagram Quest

After the introduction, Lisa can delve into an Instagram side quest, where her burgeoning exhibitionist tendencies come to light after finding a model who bears an uncanny resemblance to her. By donning different outfits and exploring Renshire thoroughly, Lisa can snap photos in various locations. Rising online fame then opens up new avenues in her potential "Influencer" career.


Advance in the game and unlock new clothing options, which you can change at your discretion. Certain outfits are requisite for specific events, such as many Instagram photo opportunities.

Player Choices

Throughout the game, the consequences of your choices can vary dramatically. These decisions can trigger or avoid certain preferences, or they might be as minor as choosing not to enter the boys' bathroom. You'll receive a warning before a major decision and a prompt to save your progress, which is designed to encourage both replayability and an easier experience for exploring alternate pathways.

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