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Midnight Paradise [Android]

Connor has been living his early adult years with recklessness, enjoying the convenience of ample funds and indulgent experiences. Yet, following an unsuccessful year at university, he finds his world unraveling when he comes back home to confront the aftermath and reconnect with individuals he abandoned two years prior. Faced with a critical decision, he must either overcome the obstacles and prove his worth or risk having his potential future slip away.​

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.21)
This update focuses on progressing the main story, adding early game sandbox events for Ruby for easier leveling her and a higher level sandbox event in the locker room.
It marks major milestone in Sofia and Natsuko’s storylines.
– 300+ new renders
– 19 new animations
– Added Main Story scene with Connor
– Added Main Story scene with Natsuko
– Added Main Story scene with Sofia
– Added Another Main Story scene with Natsuko
– Added Ruby early game sandbox – level 1-5
– Added Sandbox Scene for Ruby in locker room – level 1-4
– Added Extra Scene with Joyce
– Added Elite Scene with Eliana
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