Light Of My Life [Android] Download

Light Of My Life [Android]

CHAPTER 7 v0.7.4
Almost half a decade has passed since the untimely passing of your spouse, an event that thrust you into the role of sole guardian to your two youthful dependents. You endeavored to excel in your newfound responsibilities, yet the abrupt void her absence created marked each of you with pain and scars.

As time unfolded, these once young charges matured into adults, and the collective sorrow you bore served as a wedge, driving a divide between you. The question now lies in whether you can dismantle the obstacles erected by your actions and guide your grown wards towards reigniting the warmth in their souls.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.7.4)
NO NEW STORY CONTENT! If you played chapter 7 already, there’s no need to download it this version.
This is a small hotfix, fixing a two small graphics issues where images of Brooke and Sara wouldn’t show up in the endgame summary, and Brooke would not show up when sneaking past the Coven.
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