Deliverance [Android]

The protagonist has devoted his life to being a police detective, celebrated for his exceptional skill in cracking cases, piercing through mysteries, and apprehending even the craftiest of criminals. However, a shift is on the horizon. This is where our tale takes off. Does one stumble have the power to shape your destiny? Is your history ever truly behind you, or is it destined to reemerge and cast a shadow over your life? Perhaps... every choice you thought was yours was never actually your own? What if your role is merely that of a chess piece, positioned for grander events yet to unfold?

In this interactive journey, you'll step into the shoes of Wayne Ford. Guide him as he searches for renewed meaning in his life. Along the way, it's likely you'll encounter a number of alluring women. How will you approach them? With chivalrous respect or will you exploit them for personal advantage? Tread carefully! Each choice you make has the potential to alter Wayne’s path. It’s up to you to decide whether he will be remembered as the hero or transform into the antagonist.

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