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Kingdom of Passion [Android]

Beta v0.1.2
"Kingdom of Passion" is an immersive role-playing game in which you step into the shoes of a young prince as he comes of age in an animated kingdom brimming with stunning women. However, the Kingdom of Valencia faces a dire crisis as an enigmatic force strips its citizens of their capacity to love. Alongside your new ally, the enchanting Aphrodite, you must rise to the challenge to restore the kingdom's vitality. Forge bonds, uncover the castle's hidden mysteries, and engage in a series of puzzles on your adventure. Experience the events that set the stage for "Town of Passion" in this enchanting prequel.

Project QT
Changelog (Beta v0.1.2)
-Removed accidental debug NPC (auto corrects issue caused by talking to her on PC)
-Fixed bug where Eliza won’t party up with you after her quest.
Rating: 9/10
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