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Blossom Of Pleasure [Android]

In this expansive realm, males find themselves subjugated. Bereft of their sovereign's guidance, their autonomy in choice is starkly limited. Yet, the onus of change rests upon your shoulders. As the prophesied one, it is in your capacity to either orchestrate the downfall or champion the dawn of a transformative epoch.

As you traverse this landscape, you will encounter a plethora of individuals, each with their distinct temperament, and you will be exposed to a spectrum of predilections and desires. It is within these interactions that your influence will manifest and your destiny will unfurl.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.39)

Show Carla the dungeon (Dom/Switcher)
Show Sophia the dungeon (Dom/Switcher)
Show Lara the dungeon (Dom/Switcher)
Spanking session with Carla (Dom/Switcher)
Deepthroat scene with Sophia (Dom/Switcher)
Flogging scene with Lara (Dom/Switcher)
Repeatable spanking scene with Carla (Dom/Switcher)
Repeatable sex scene with Carla (Dom/Switcher)
Repeatable deepthroat scene with Sophia (Dom/Switcher)
Repeatable sex scene with Sophia (Dom/Switcher)
Repeatable flogging scene with Lara (Dom/Switcher)
Repeatable sex scene with Lara (Dom/Switcher)
Repeatable sex scene with Lara/Carla (Dom/Switcher)
Scene with Cynthia in the Shop (Sub)
Multiple red room scenes in the red light district (Sub)
Secret scene with a crow (pre path/switcher/sub)


New fertility item in the shop (negates contraceptives)
Contraceptives are now additive (You can stack up to 99 days)
Added scenes to the gallery
Sorted more dialogues into balanced Narrator and immersive Narrator
Rating: 6.9/10
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