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Kingdom Of Deception [Android]

Following centuries of conflict among various races, the formidable Kingdom of Lundar has been established by humans. Driven by their aspirations and a thirst for renown, the human legions stand on the brink of eradication of all realms held by beings that have not submitted to their rule.

The final bastion against the onslaught of human forces—a colossal army of monsters—has been vanquished, solidifying Lundar's dominion over all lands. With external adversaries now subdued, the aristocracy and military cliques within Lundar have rapidly descended into a ferocious fight for dominance. In this brutal fray for ascendancy, not even the sanctity of religious or familial ties will deter the power-hungry.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.14.2.1)
Here’s our first patch of Sabia’s new side multi-part adventure.
Sabia finds herself in a different camp with some different orcs, and her position in Grok og Dar doesn’t seem to apply much to her new situation.
This is a bad-end, and will lock your save – please make sure to save before starting the content (there are warnings for the menu choices of when to do this).
We’ve got 6 distinct scenes, with an additional 2 that serve as variants depending on your variables (some minor dialogue differences for dom VS sub). There are a few choices to make that will begin to impact the conclusion for Sabia’s misadventure, so be sure to choose wisely!
To access the new content, simply go to your tent and try to sleep after having concluding the training exercises with Ranak and the other orcs (This requires a non Vehlis Bad End save).
Hope you guys enjoy this, and are excited to see what happens with Sabia next!
As always, thanks everyone for your continued support and patience.
Disclaimer: this is filler content, and reuses assets.
Rating: 9/10
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