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Club Detention [Android]

As an ex-educator with a tainted reputation, you're offered a final opportunity to rejoin the academic sphere. Your task is to instruct young women hailing from exceedingly affluent families who are incredibly uninformed. However, there's a catch: the school is in dire financial straits, and in a controversial move, it launches a hostess club featuring its students. Your role is to educate these young women while simultaneously running the club. You will determine your students' destinies and interact with an array of intriguing personalities.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.066)
– Samantha’s storyline begins!
– You’ll get to visit a new area, meet some new characters and you can discover four different lewd scenes tied to Samantha’s story
– If you chose a free research for Serena perk, all of the research options can now be selected no matter how poor you are
– Jacob can help you train your charisma!
– You can replay cabin events through Lilith in the courtyard at night (or play events you wouldn’t get to see – Lilith won’t try to fool you if you’ve already joined her cause)
– Some backgrounds and the town map have seasonal variations (I might add a calendar and seasonal events, character birthdays and such in the future since it kinda tickles my fancy)
– Bug fixes and a stupid little surprise maybe 1/100 players will even notice
– Town locations now have a tooltip!
– Lilith chapter start shouldn’t bug anymore
– If you perform the ritual again, Hermione should appear in the library again, as she should
Rating: 8.4/10
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