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Jason, Coming Of Age [Android]

In this interactive narrative, you will step into the shoes of Jason, a 25-year-old man taking his initial steps into the grown-up world. As he navigates the trials and tribulations of "adulting," a treacherous journey awaits him, alongside his cherished childhood companions.

The tale unfolds against the backdrop of the summer of 2021, a pivotal moment for Jason as he transitions into independent living by moving into his maiden apartment and is on the cusp of launching his career at a quaint community newspaper, contributing his skills as a computer technician.

A friend's younger sister is unexpectedly taking notice of him, raising questions about the potential developments of this attention. Indeed, this curiosity seems to be a common thread with the women Jason encounters, both in his neighborhood and within his workplace. The allure he seems to wield is puzzling – what could possibly be the source of Jason's newfound magnetic appeal? Wouldn't you be intrigued to discover his secret and experience a slice of that allure for yourself?

Project QT
Changelog (v0.9.2)
The Christmas season is already here, holiday preparations are underway, and so is the new update for JASON.
We left our hero in a tough spot just a month ago. Beaten while trying to protect Marya, he found himself helpless at the end of that alley. Fortunately, he wasn’t alone, and with the help of Oreo, his guardian, and the power of the pendant, he avoided the worst.
I’m sure you want to know more about the origin of the medallion. For that, I invite you to play the little flashback I just prepared for you. Twenty minutes of gameplay, not much sex but a lot of fun. Enjoy these beautiful visuals and the delightful music that I’m sure will allow you to escape for a while.
Also, discover the new game interface. It’s not finished, but you’ll see, everything is starting to take shape. I’ve also added your other favorite games. Discover or rediscover Girls Have Dreams, One Shot, and Santa’s adventures. Now linked together, the choices you make while playing them will have small effects in JASON.
The Taboo patch is integrated; you just need a code to activate it. The code is available on Discord, in the JASON download area.
One last addition, the possibility to remove the Taboo patch in the game. Go to the LI menu, then to the MC info. You can’t miss the new little button.
One last tip, when you’ve finished GHD, replay the flashback; Nicole might have lost her panties if you’ve decided so.
Rating: 8.6/10
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