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Inquisitor Trainer [Android]

This game satirizes a dystopian universe on the brink of darkness. Within this beleaguered Imperium, the omnipotence of Inquisitors – staunch defenders of humanity – is a myth. Thus, they rely on Acolytes to buttress the fragile bastion against encroaching foes. As a player, you will inhabit the shoes of a burgeoning heroine, an Acolyte sworn to an Inquisitor. Her mission? To unravel the baffling vanishings of key figures and other enigmatic events within the city's shadows, potentially linked to sinister cults, deformed mutants, and grotesque monstrosities. Your path cuts through the heart of the investigation, uprooting the Imperium's adversaries. Armed with your resolve, a firearm, or even explosives, it is your charge to shield humanity from its nemeses.

Yet, when traditional methods fall short, hindered by your raw talent and scant resources, you must adopt unorthodox strategies to accomplish your mandate. Failure is not an option; the cost is measured in worlds consumed by perpetual torment.

Forge your own narrative through the choices you make for this character, sculpting her journey to reflect your own personal flair. Embark on a quest fraught with enigmatic puzzles, new environs to explore, dubious figures to scrutinize, and engage in risqué, non-violent diplomatic endeavors.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4.4 Basic)
– Loyalist Path Storyline rewrite
– NPC asset replacement (Celestine)
– Two NSFW scenes
– Dialogue fix
– Sound FX
– Background Art and Transitions
Rating: 7.6/10
195 votes
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