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Glassix [Android]

Two years following the passing of your father, your stepmother relocates the entire family to a new city. Your life is thrown into chaos when the father you thought was deceased sends you a pair of bizarre glasses...

Game Features:
"Glassix" is a simulation game that allows you to explore an expansive city home to a myriad of women, each with their unique personalities and lives, ready for you to engage with and form connections. The initial day serves as an introductory tutorial, after which you're free to venture about the city undertaking various activities:
- Attending school to enhance your abilities
- Interacting with the women to strengthen your influence over them
- Selecting daily wardrobe choices for the women, encouraging them to dress more provocatively as you gain more influence
- Engaging in numerous sexual encounters to amass sexual energy, which can be exchanged for potent spells to simplify your endeavors
- Working to earn money and purchasing items either for yourself or for the women
- Choosing a girlfriend, which opens up new exclusive events and commands related to her
- Discovering a multitude of unique events scattered throughout the game

The gameplay hinges on a system that tracks the girls' obedience and affection levels to determine their receptiveness to your commands. You can incrementally increase their affection and obedience through basic orders and must regularly engage in training to enhance their submission. There are four tiers of obedience; reaching each threshold necessitates a unique event with the girl to progress to the next level. The game also incorporates advanced artificial intelligence for the girls, who have distinct hobbies and daily routines. They move around the city dynamically, engaging in activities like eating or visiting the restroom in response to certain variables, which you can influence through gifts or food.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.0.1)

English translation, Okimi’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)


Fixed bug with Anael being always busy


Added Emiri, Hanae, Kumiko, Okimi, Ryoko, Sarah, Shizuru, Utako and Yatsumi missing sexy outfit images for daily commands and toilets event (1800+ images)


Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Saiko and Emika’s files, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)


Fixed Kumiko sexy outfits character image, feet should now properly be layered when wearing sexy underwears (Thanks Squark!)
Added a “Nevermind” option in mayor quest lifeguard event to avoid being stuck (Thanks Aridru!)
Enabled “Lick her pussy” option during sex on chair with Fujiko (Thanks Dalzomo!)
Added a “Nevermind” option in vibrator staff meeting event to avoid being stuck if you only gave a vibrator to Sarah (Thanks Aridru!)
Rating: 8.1/10
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