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Glamour [Android]

The protagonist, whom you can envision as either male or female, hails from a quaint little town. Upon reaching the milestone of 18 years old, they stand on the cusp of embracing the collegiate chapter of their life. Fortuitously, they seize the chance to transition into the bustling energy of a metropolis and enroll in an avant-garde, experimental college. This marks the beginning of a fresh existence teeming with possibilities, far removed from the watchful eye of a helicopter parent.

Remarkably, our lead character discovers that their college expenses are nonexistent. The singular requirement? Thumbing their signature onto a peculiar contract, committing to adhere to the college’s regulations. However, these rules are laced with severity—a slip-up could spell the threat of expulsion. And to intensify the stakes, the rules are subject to change. What was agreed upon today may morph into an unforeseen mandate tomorrow.

Project QT
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