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Friends In Need [Android]

In "Friends in Need," you embody a man who once made a disastrous financial choice that almost led to his downfall. Years after, the ripples of that decision resurge, this time unexpectedly bestowing upon you wealth beyond measure. As you confront this twist of fate, your best friend and secret affection seeks your aid for her financial woes. With newfound wealth at your disposal, you face a pivotal decision: to use your resources for benevolent purposes or for malevolent schemes.

This interactive experience hinges on ethical dilemmas, presenting options for virtuous, malicious, or morally ambivalent paths. The game delves into controversial themes and scenarios. Nevertheless, players who wish to maintain integrity can pursue an entirely virtuous journey. The game lets you dictate the nature of most relationships, providing the chance to eschew intimate encounters with certain characters, and to opt out of particular extreme kinks and fetishes.

"Friends in Need" is created and programmed by NeonGhosts, featuring initial chapter illustrations by HorizonticalStudio, with subsequent character graphics (CG renders) being produced by NeonGhosts.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4)

1550+ new images
New story scenes featuring Ashe, Nicki, Risa, and Viola.
New ero scenes featuring Ashe and Risa.
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