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Dating My Daughter [Android]

In this interactive narrative, you'll step into the shoes of a father who has been estranged from his daughter for many years. Now that she has reached the age of 18, she reaches out to reconnect with you, proposing a "father-daughter" outing. This opportunity will allow you to cultivate a deeper bond, getting to know her better, with the potential to encourage ongoing "father-daughter" dates in the future.

Gameplay Mechanics: Your experience will be shaped by the choices you make, selecting from multiple options which will have either a positive or negative impact on the date and overarching storyline. The game currently tracks two key metrics: Friendship and Love, which are displayed on the top right of the screen. Each choice you make will either earn or cost you points in these statistics. For instance, if you inappropriately gaze at your daughter and she notices, you will lose 1 Friendship point. Accumulating a certain number of points is necessary to progress, and failing to do so may require replaying the date.

Character Customization: You will have the ability to name your character, as well as your daughter, personalizing your experience. While there will be other characters, such as your ex-wife, your daughter’s best friend, your colleagues, etc., the primary narrative will focus on the father-daughter dynamic. Most fetishes in the game are optional, allowing you to turn them on or off according to your preferences.

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