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Four Elements Trainer [Android]

Four Elements Trainer is an extensive project inspired by the worlds of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' and 'The Legend of Korra,' consisting of four comprehensive games merged into a single experience. As players progress, they will encounter a wide array of characters available for romantic interactions, along with numerous quests, stories, battles, and secrets to discover.

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Changelog (v1.0.7c)
Okay, so what’s inside this build? You get to train with Korra in an effort to regain her mobility. You can smack her ass, knead her boobies, spit in her face and she’ll give you a hand job and shake her titties. Katara will also be there and provide a bj and missionary vaginal scene with a small twist. Oh and you can also knead her boobies. There are no granny sex scenes with her. I figured only young versions were a better fit for the slave route mc’s character. Kya will be able to be peeked at as she kneads her own boobies and masturbates during the night while fantasizing about girls. There’s a book with some new pics of P’li. Tenzin will stay for a short while and after he leaves, Ikki will arrive. That’s about it. Like I said it’s very much the start of a new route and has a lot of overlap with bk4 love… for now!
Oh, I forgot to mention some of the stuff in other routes. The elder council can use a youth potion now during their sex scene. I added Izumi and Katara’s ghost mom to the bonfire love epilogue. nami’s blowjob during book 1 has higher res pics. the yoghurt scene during book 4’s slave route has an optional “sloppy seconds”. A lot of heads(next to dialogue) are higher res and I did a lot more all over the place but didn’t keep a proper log of what I did and can’t remember most of it. Then again a lot of it isn’t really worth mentioning by itself such as bugfixes and small dialogue changes. In fact I think I’ve taken a bit too much of a “scattershot” approach at the cost of the slave epilogue part. I intend to focus more on the really new parts of the build in future releases.
Rating: 9.2/10
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