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Four Elements Trainer [Android]

Four Elements Trainer is an extensive project inspired by the worlds of 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' and 'The Legend of Korra,' consisting of four comprehensive games merged into a single experience. As players progress, they will encounter a wide array of characters available for romantic interactions, along with numerous quests, stories, battles, and secrets to discover.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.0.9D)
In this build, you’ll finally be able to join Katara and Korra’s healing water sessions. Jinora will be there and you’re not allowed to watch her change. Your training with Korra will progress a little further with Kya getting on her knees and show some but to help Korra. She will also be asked to progress a little further with you by giving you a handjob. Korra will join in on the handjob fun. You can load her mouth with your sperm and have Kya kiss her like that.
Eska and Desna will arrive and as important leaders of the Northern watertribe they get to stay in your old room and you show them around. You can show them how you train with korra, help them with their suitcases and get rewarded with a pic of Eska, Desna or both. It will depend on some dialogue changes. Help them more to find a razor in their luggage and you can help either Eska or Desna to shave their pubes. Again dependent on choices throughout.
Eska and Desna won’t be the only visitors, Korra’s mom(Senna), dad(Tonraq) and Yoghurt will come too. Senna will sleep with Korra and you can try and pull down her panties while she’s asleep. That won’t be that easy and you’ll need to buy some pills from Shady girl. You can cum all over a naked Korra and her mom, but as soon as you won’t to go further that will turn out to be not as easy. But push on and you’ll be rewarded with mommy anal fun.
-butt fun with Senna, also a pee scene
-Hand job with Korra, Kya
-Envision Jinora naked during healing water session
-Cum on Senna and Korra (mommy daughter sleepover!
-Shave Eska/Desna (get a pic of them)
Rating: 9.2/10
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