Corrupting My Girlfriend in Another World [Android] Download

Corrupting My Girlfriend in Another World [Android]

While probing an intriguing rumor in the city of Sirua, you and your girlfriend are suddenly transported to a parallel universe. In this enigmatic realm, you encounter the intricate scheme of the Dulobia kingdom and the influential forces at play in Vesteria. As you embark on an unforeseen journey, you face an unfamiliar internal conflict: Will you focus on fortifying your bond with your girlfriend, or yield to the dark impulse to lead her astray and observe her succumb to the attentions of others?

Your choices will carve the path ahead. Can you both navigate through this adventure and resist being ensnared by shadowy temptations? The decision is yours to dictate their ultimate destiny.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.2.9)
– Added continuation of the main story (Multiple routes! – Vanilla/NTR/Cuck for every L.I)
– Added +300 renders.
– Added +11 new animations.
– Added new voices for Aiko, Sakiko and Nina
– Added new characters renders
– Fixed some translation issues and bugs from the game in general (Credits to Jadih96207)
– Fixed certain paths from the beach quest preview.
– Fixed minor issues
– Fixed some grammar issues.
– Some stats were balanced according to the routes during chapter 2.
– Adjusted some values during the bar, maid, guild party quests.
Rating: 7.9/10
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