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Fetish Locator [Android]

Week 3 v3.4.8
"Fetish Locator is an engaging visual novella that weaves a tantalizing narrative. The newest craze sweeping through the campus is the Fetish Locator app! Every day, attractive college students come together to complete daring tasks, gaining points by sharing their photo proof online. Embark on a journey with the protagonist, whose aim is to accumulate enough points to gain entry to an exclusive party where he might have the chance to connect with his ultimate crush."

Project QT
Changelog (Week 3 v3.4.8)
2596 new renders
396 new animations
2 new endings (E05, E16)
Rating: 9/10
597 votes
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  1. September 12, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    Why can’t there be a game without some dude’s romantic interest getting snatched by Chad Thundercock? I’m so sick of these devs ruining potentially decent games with this garbage trope