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Fattening Career [Android]

Welcome to "Fattening Career," a visual novel that revolves around the themes of feeding, weight gain, and subtle breast expansion. In this interactive story, you are given the chance to embody an exceptional feeder, become a master chocolatier, explore the role of a lab researcher, among other intriguing vocations.

As a 21-year-old protagonist starting your initial year under the guidance of Ms. Tanwen's nutritional studies curriculum, you come to the realization that her teaching methods could greatly benefit from some innovation. Disappointed by the mundane start to the course, you opt to stay after class to suggest a more captivating approach to Ms. Tanwen. With the updated curriculum, Ms. Tanwen will enlighten you on the body's response to an overflow of calories and the diverse methods to indulge in them.

During your adventure, you'll encounter a variety of charming women throughout the town, and your objective will be to assist them on their path to gaining weight. Secure employment and embark on a path to become the preeminent feeder.

"Fattening Career" Game

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.09B)

Start of Maya’s story, redesigned model and location with many side characters.
Continuation to Hari’s story
Continuation to Cayenne’s story
Some solo Sally events
New Britta milking event
Redesigned stats page with new features. Undress and turnaround buttons for the character portrait
Unlock-able Character stories added
New Bunny Bites stories
Costume contest stream
And many more things
Rating: 6.7/10
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