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In a foreseeable future, a crisis engulfs a modest island nation as the rate of students finishing their schooling plummets, leaving university seats vacant. The government, confronting a potential wave of unemployment and economic turmoil, implements urgent policies. Students over eighteen who either dropped out or were expelled are now mandated to return to education via specialized institutions.

In the role-playing game The Headmaster, you assume the character of a savant in the field of adolescent psychology, distinguished by groundbreaking approaches to the crisis. Following a compelling presentation at a teaching conference, you catch the attention of an envoy from an enigmatic entity. They offer you a chance to interview for the headmaster role at one of the newly established schools for the over-eighteen demographic. Eager to validate your methods, you eagerly accept the offer.

Your mission involves implementing your distinctive disciplinary techniques to transform a group of rebellious young women into diligent and compliant learners. The journey is fraught with challenges. You must persuade your staff to support your methods, accommodate the peculiar requests of the school benefactors, and navigate the obstacles posed by an intrusive government inspector.

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Changelog (v0.15.3.1 Public)
Mykock’s Manor has been updated to version 0.2, with new content and a new Patreon poll. You can continue from your old save, or you can start a new one and skip to Part 2.
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