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Elana Champion Of Lust [Android]

"Elana Champion of Lust" is a captivating game that tasks you with restoring the forgotten balance of desire and fervor on an island whose inhabitants have abandoned these vital emotions. In the game, you guide Elana, a fairy emboldened with the potent force of lust and passion that had been stripped away from the populace…

The narrative unfolds across three distinct chapters, each with Elana as the protagonist. Your goal is to aid her on her quest to reintroduce lust and passion. Designed primarily for play on a PC, we occasionally release an Android version, albeit less frequently than PC updates. The upcoming Android variant will launch once Chapter 2 enters its Beta phase.
You can enjoy the game in either English or Spanish, with Spanish available as it is the original language of development. Given the extensive amount of text and the intricate details of future events, translating to additional languages would be too onerous for our team.

Thousands of years ago, on a long-forgotten island, a deranged king, through the use of dark magic, stripped the energies of lust and passion from humanity. This caused the island's denizens to cease procreation, leading to the implementation of a magic-powered cloning system to avert their extinction.

As time went on, the extracted energy of lust accumulated, gained sentience, and eventually manifested in a physical form. When the moment was ripe, it chose a fairy as its champion to embark on a critical mission: to reintegrate the essence of lust where it rightfully belongs, within every island inhabitant.

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