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Dusklight Manor [Android]

As a youthful man presented with an exceptional job opportunity, you embrace the offer, venturing into a new chapter of your life at Dusklight Manor. This is where your journey commences, intertwined with the lives of three captivating young women under the mentorship of the elusive Mistress Clara, whose myriad of secrets eclipse your wildest speculations. The trio includes Lizzie Monroe, Mary Best, and Lola Mod, each unique, allowing you to foster a bond with the one who resonates with you most profoundly. Amidst your duties within the manor, you catch a glimpse of Mistress Clara apparently wielding a mysterious spell to rejuvenate the house butler. Dismissing this surreal scene as a flight of fancy, you continue your endeavors in the ornate confines of the mansion.​

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Changelog (Final)
This final episode brings the conclusion of the game by delivering Audrey’s Ending, Blood ending, and a short ending if you do not pick any of the girls or previous ending. The initial plan was to end Dusklight around Episode 14 but there was still much content to be added to the game so it was delayed until what is now Episode 16. The final episode is a bit shorter compared to the previous ones, however, it does add another 150 new images and adult animations.
Rating: 9.9/10
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