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Dungeon Slaves [Android]

In a realm where enchantments abound, you embody the character of Amy, an elven servant. Following a brutal attack on your hamlet by orcs, you are entrusted with the mission to rescue the captured girls from a fate of enslavement. Craft mystical concoctions, foster bonds with the denizens of your village, confront the fearsome creatures obstructing your path, and face the consequences should you be defeated by them. Or perhaps, this element of challenge is precisely what you seek?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.67)
– Fix bugs : the Hal Bovine ( free slaves )
– Add visit of Amy’s Mom during Garrick’s lolipop
– Quest : SisterHood search
– Quest : SisterHood help homeless & prisoners
– Quest : Amy will purify herself
– Visit Nikita with invisible mode in Princess house the day (H-scene)
– MilkyCum open with Bovine in Tavern
– New slave to buy (orc) and sell to the druid ( Improve your legendary power )
– Amy can be a angel (Have more than 20 life for fly correctly…)
– Blowjob invisible Kitty’s Mom ( For Fan )
– You can vist the ghost in the cemettery (upstair H-Scene)
Rating: 7.7/10
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