A Foreign World [Android]

"In a visual novel centered around a captivating premise, refugees from an alternate universe find themselves at the heart of the story. This narrative poses the question: What unfolds when two distinctly different realms collide?

A group of nine women, battle-hardened by their existence in a post-apocalyptic world, decide to seek refuge in an unfamiliar universe to start anew.

“If it turns out you're truly from another universe, I have to ensure you don't turn this world into a new adversary,” says the main character.

By chance, these otherworldly refugees encounter the main character (MC) shortly after arriving on our Earth. It's during this encounter that the stark contrast between their origins and our world is nakedly exposed. They are not merely outlandishly attired; they possess extraordinary abilities. Skills that are mundane in their native realm are seen as powerful, mystical, and beyond belief here.

Facing hurdles from every direction, this band of runaways must navigate their new reality. Despite their efforts to leave their old lives behind, they are not released from its grasp without a struggle. Particular attention is drawn to Nathaniel, a figure from their past whose looming conflict with the MC propels the narrative. Nathaniel's influence compels the MC to form stronger bonds with the nine women, leveraging their powers to enhance his own.

Yet, this is not the only complication they face. Earth's own forces have taken notice of the newcomers and have dispatched agents to evaluate the threat their presence may pose.

As the player, your choices are pivotal. Can you guide them to a peaceful resolution, or will your actions inadvertently ignite a conflict? Beware – an error in judgment might render you vanquished by Nathaniel. The challenge is formidable; is your determination equal to the task?

Venture into 'A Foreign World' and shape the outcome of this inter-universal saga."

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Rating: 8.3/10
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